Week 5

Happy Monday. Welcome to week five. Which brings us to phase three of your challenge!

Okay now I trust you’re killing it. Your training is going great. Your meal plan, you’re killing it like 90 of the time. Crushing your water. Everything’s going to plan. You’re feeling those changes really starting to kick in now.

If it doesn’t sound like you, if you’re not nailing your meal plan at least 89 of the time, if you’re not making the gym enough, or you’re just feeling a bit stressed in any area, now is the time to contact your coach okay. That’s what we are here for. We’re here for your success and to give you the advice you need. To keep you on track so if you feel like you’re falling over in one of those areas, or you just need to have a chat about anything, contact your coach right now, straight after this video. Because it’s still not too late for you to feel better than you’ve felt in a very long time. These next two weeks are very fundamental for that okay. So i’m telling you contact that coach now.

Outside of that you have a reflection exercise today. Now please check that video out, and I want you to reflect on how far you’ve come already in the challenge. It’s really easy in life to just keep on ticking boxes, and keep moving past our successes, and never actually stopping and giving ourselves a little bit of credit for what we’ve achieved. Because that can sometimes be the motivation when you realize what you’ve achieved. To push on to the bigger and better levels. So make sure you do that reflection exercise, and give yourself that moment of I guess a pat on the back.