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Total Body Success One Day At A Time

Transform40 is the evolution of Bodies by TJ, a personal training/coaching system created by TJ that over the years has been refined again and again to produce what we now know as Transform40. Our ’40 day Transformation System’ has produced hundreds of amazing firm, rock hard results all over the world and we now have a state of the art facility right here in the heart of the shire! We are proud to offer you access to our revolutionary training system in multiple settings, including the ultimate personal coaching system as well as our groundbreaking Transform40 UNLIMITED which is a group training system that provides personal training results in a group training environment. We believe in training with a purpose. No more spinning your wheels or working out just to look busy. Every movement we teach has a purpose and we want you to #come4results.

Our Expert Team

Our expert trainers will teach you valuable lifestyle changes through self-empowerment, self-education, behavioral change and mindset shifts to push your own physical capacity.


Our Core Values

We are built on the core values of accountability, mental initiation and team work. These values are fundamental in achieving a transformation. We create an environment and mentor our clients into a position where results are no longer just optional.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing the best transformation facilities possible with an unbeatable culture, with a team that continually strives to innovate, motivate and inspire.


Our Promise

We pledge to provide you with a ‘Transforming’ environment that will be supportive, passionate, accountable, full of integrity while promoting health and fitness in our community.

Personal Training

Personal Training  in Cronulla - Transform40

Group Fitness

Group Fitness in Cronulla - Transform40

Group Class Training

Group Class Training in Cronulla - Transform40


Meet our Trainers

Sean, Transform40 testimonialS

It has completely altered the way in which I view healthy eating and exercise as well as drastically changing my appearance. The exercise programming he provided specifically for me was excellent, not only did it give me a sold structure and routine whilst training at the gym but giving me the .... Read more


Jordy, Transform40 testimonialS

.... Read more


Moey, Transform40 testimonialS

I had a blast working with TJ during my 40 day transformation. The experience was seamless and comfortable from beginning to end. Using his vast knowledge in nutrition and exercise, TJ was able to personally cater for my needs and create a flexible diet/training plan which fit perfectly into my .... Read more


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