Week 2

Happy Monday and welcome to week two. Congrats on being a week-end!

All right, I know that first week can be really really challenging. You likely got pretty sore muscles at least. Throughout the week, probably felt Tuesday’s class on the legs. That kind of stuff gets better. Each week. Okay, if you’re brand new to training, you’re going to really feel that first week or two. But the good news is, you’ve done the hardest part. Getting started. Now it’s about consistency and replication of what works.

So week one recap. I trust that your meal plan, you’ve got that sorted. You’ve got some form of consistency there. You’re obviously trying to nail that 80 to 100 of the time. That’s the biggest key to success here.

I trust you’re visualizing and priming each morning. If you haven’t been, it’s okay. I want you to go back to that Sunday content from week one and check out that video. Because the visualization and priming technique is massively a part of this and will help you feeling better, not just looking better at the end of this.

Also trust you did at least three strength sessions, and you’re at the gym four to five days of last week. Okay, if you’ve done these things, and drunk enough water, and focused on your sleep, you’re already a lot closer to your goals than you think. Okay, your body is going to start going, all right I understand the gist now, I know what’s going to happen week to week, if I can keep this consistent plan, then i’ll start getting rid of some body fat and storing some muscle for you in response to how hard you’re training. And the food you’re putting in your mouth now after a week.

It’s likely some of you may have failed in some of these areas. And that is so so fine. That’s what your coaches exist for. Okay. So if you found that you failed in some of these areas, speak to your coach. They are there to help you. Give them a text. Give them a call. Let them know you need to have a chat, and just work out better strategies around. Might be your food, or sticking to your training schedule, or getting enough water in. We’ve got so many different strategies for these things. We’ve been out for a long time. That’s why you have a coach. That’s what makes us unique, is every single one who has one. So reach out to your coach and seek some answers there.

Alrighty and this program is as much mentally as it is physically changing you. Okay, so the goal is to shift your mindset. One focus I want for you this week, on top of those things, they’re kind of getting built already, is to try and catch yourself when you fall into that victim mindset. If you find yourself making excuses for things all the time, or hitting snooze, or cutting corners here and there in life, try to start catching yourself. It’s not just a matter of catching yourself, and being angry at yourself. It’s catching yourself, going I probably shouldn’t have done it like that, I could have done better. You know what, next time i’ll do better. And you’re rewarding that catch. Not judging yourself and being like, oh I did it again i’m useless. Okay, so catch yourself, reward yourself for the catch, and look to be better throughout this week, and you’ll slowly start to shift it more into that victim mindset rather than being a victim.

Alrighty that’s it for me. Make sure you watch the rest of the content for today, and let’s make this week an absolute killer, and focus on consistency and replicating those positives!