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Our Mission

Transform40 is on a mission to Transform bodies and minds through mindset coaching, habit creation, fitness and nutrition. Transform40 was founded in 2017 after TJ had played professional rugby league and worked as a personal trainer for 5 years.

TJ looked around at what was on offer in the industry only to find that no gyms were focusing on what had saved/changed his life “habit creation, personal development and mindset”. Through this discovery he had the idea to create the perfect blend of group class training, personal training, nutrition implementation and personal development all in one to have people developing not just incredible physical results but also completely transforming their mindset to be a happier healthier version of themselves.

That’s where our unique approach of shaping your habits and mindset first then the body will follow comes from, as he always says “There’s no point in having abs if you’re run off your feet, stressed out and don’t love yourself. 

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