Transform With Us

Hi there, TJ here founder of Transform40. 

When I set out to create Transform40 I had the singular focus in mind to make living a healthy and internally happy lifestyle simple and easy to implement for anyone who wanted it. 

Since then we have Transformed the bodies and minds of close to 1000 people through mindset coaching, habit creation, amazing training styles and meal planning.

We are a gym unlike any other and rather call ourselves a Transformation Facility and love Transforming young lives!

It’s the type of place that needs to be experienced in person to fully understand. I would you love it if you clicked the link on this page and tried out a completely commitment FREE week including 7 days of free classes and a personal training session. 

Then you’ll know what I’m talking about and potentially join our #FAM of transforming community members

What makes Transform40 so unique?

40 days of industry leading habit creating mindset training delivered into your inbox daily this platform has literally changed lives

Transform40 mindset journal​

The best accountability system there is​

Unique results focused class system with both strength and hiit training in every time slot.

Social events around the clock building a strong community​

Options of 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 personal training for that extra focus with our expert transformation coaches