Bringing Personal Training Results To The Group Fitness Environment

Have you ever gone all out in a fitness class for weeks, only to wonder if it's even making a difference? It can be frustrating if you aren't seeing the weight loss or muscle gain you expected. What good is all that sweating if you don't even know how much it's helping.


You just weren't getting the attention and help you need. With our group classes, you still get a personalised meal plan and a personal coach to help you every step of the way -- a coach to kick your butt and answer your questions. Plus the affordable and fun group training classes? Game changer. 

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So How Do These Group Fitness Classes Work?

We are bringing Cronulla a whole new way to train, with all the programming and planning of Personal Training combined with all the exciting energy of the Group Fitness setting. 

In Transform40 UNLIMITED, every student has their own accountability coach, ensuring outside of every workout they are taking the steps required to get results. Our coaches will be there every step of the way to offer support, encouragement, and help.

With these Group Fitness Classes, you'll enjoy: 

  • A customized, personalised approach to group training -- you're not just a number!
  • More motivation and support than ever before
  • Meal planning specific to your needs
  • REAL results! No more false promises!

PLUS You Can Choose From A Wide Range Of Group Fitness Classes 

In addition to this revolutionary training program, Transform40 is also proud to offer a dynamic rotation of classes so you never get bored. Some of these include:

  • Annihilator: High-Intensity Strength Training
  • Unleashed: Hybrid MMA and Strength Training 
  • Evolve: Daily Men's and Women's Strength Classes
  • Impact: High-intensity boxing
  • Wildcard: Different every week, but always an absolute calorie-burner!
  • Zuu: Bodyweight and calisthenic movements
  • Incinerator: A weekend dosage of high-intensity strength training
  • Resilience: Saturday morning stretching cross-yoga, meditation, and gratefulness

Each of our Group Fitness Classes in The Shire are great for all ages and experience levels. Grab your mates and get fit fast with the help of our incredible team at Transform40.

Join Our Group Fitness Classes In Cronulla Today!

Don't waste another day just going through the motions without knowing exactly what you're getting out of each workout. At Transform40, we're changing the way you’re training with measurable results and an individual profile built for your unique fitness journey.

Learn more and get 2 free sessions + a week of Transform40 UNLIMITED by filling out the short form on your screen. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions right away!

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