Week 3

Happy Monday and welcome to week three!

So you’re now in the second phase of this program, I trust by now you’re getting a bit stronger you’re feeling those little physical changes. Probably lifting a little bit more weight.  I trust that your meal plan is becoming like second nature, where you understand now food is a choice. That you, it’s not a matter of I couldn’t help myself and I ate that pizza or that ice cream or something. You understand you have a conscious choice. Every time you choose to put something in your mouth and you’re starting to get a bit more control over that and nailing that meal plan.

All right, being phrase two our goal here is to look to step up training a little bit. So the food’s doing its work, the training’s been doing its work, however now I want to go, okay how can I get a little more out of my training. How can I have a bit more control with each movement. How can I lift a little more with each movement and try and push myself to a level that I haven’t been pushed before?

Start getting a bit more progress through the training and then that food will really start kicking in with that work also. It’s definitely a time you don’t want to drop off your mindfulness okay. Doing that morning priming. Doing your breath work. Even just giving yourself some therapeutic time. You’re getting away from everything and a bit of time to sort out your own head okay. Phase two is that phase where, if you can keep things going, that have been positively serving you, they’ll become habits okay. Week three or week four it’s about that month mark that you really take to. Really build habits and lock them into your life. Do that okay. So nail this week. Lock in those habits and you’ll feel so successful by the end of it, and you’ll keep repeating those things alright. That’s it for me. Enjoy!