Week 6: Enjoy your new habits

  Week 6 Happy Monday. Welcome to week six and it’s your peak week short one today. For me because you already know what you’re doing, you’re crushing it. I trust you’re training flying, food’s going great. This week is about just repeating those things okay. Enjoying what you’ve learned so far, enjoying the new […]

Week 5: Importance of reflection

  Week 5 Happy Monday. Welcome to week five. Which brings us to phase three of your challenge! Okay now I trust you’re killing it. Your training is going great. Your meal plan, you’re killing it like 90 of the time. Crushing your water. Everything’s going to plan. You’re feeling those changes really starting to […]

Week 4: Are you cutting corners

  Week 4 Happy Monday. Welcome to week four! Okay we’re past the halfway mark now. It’s not time to slow down. Now’s not time to start taking it easy. It’s actually quite the opposite. You really want to ramp it up by now. You’re used to the training, your food’s going pretty well, you’re […]

Week 3: Building habits

  Week 3 Happy Monday and welcome to week three! So you’re now in the second phase of this program, I trust by now you’re getting a bit stronger you’re feeling those little physical changes. Probably lifting a little bit more weight.  I trust that your meal plan is becoming like second nature, where you […]

Week 2: Consistency is key

  Week 2 Happy Monday and welcome to week two. Congrats on being a week-end! All right, I know that first week can be really really challenging. You likely got pretty sore muscles at least. Throughout the week, probably felt Tuesday’s class on the legs. That kind of stuff gets better. Each week. Okay, if […]

Week 1: Focus on today

  Week 1 Happy Monday and welcome to week one! So what are our goals this week? One of a strength challenge, or any challenge, is pretty basic. What you need to do is take that 40 days idea and throw it out. Just think of one day. Today. Okay, what can I do today […]

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