Week 1

Happy Monday and welcome to week one!

So what are our goals this week?

One of a strength challenge, or any challenge, is pretty basic. What you need to do is take that 40 days idea and throw it out. Just think of one day. Today. Okay, what can I do today to get closer to my big lofty goals? Well the answer is I can do a strength class. I can eat my meal plan. 100 today. I can drink enough water, say no to alcohol, and get enough sleep. All I want you to do is literally focus on those things. Today. Don’t think about any other days. Don’t think about all the weeks ahead. Today nail those five things if you do that, get enough sleep, wake up tomorrow morning, try and do the same thing again. It’s a brand-new day. Set those goals again, try and tick them off. Okay. That’s what your journals are for. If you can achieve that a few days this week, every day this week especially, you’ll be so much closer to your goals

The problem is we don’t chunk things down enough. We think I want to lose six kilos of body fat. That’s a pretty big job. I wonder for six weeks, that’s five or six weekends, I have to say no to all the fun. Things of life just work on one thing at a time. Work on one day at a time. Then if we have success there, then we can start going again and again and again. That’s how we start to get results.

Now training wise, what’s the game plan. Well if you’re previously a cardio bunny, and that’s all you ever did, we’re going to try and refrain that understanding and knowledge. Okay. I want you focusing on strength classes. So a minimum three, ideally four to five classes, this week. Where you’re lifting heavy weight with control, you’re learning better techniques, and you’re focusing on that muscle and building that lean body. Because after all it’s a strength challenge. So that’s your focus. Building a little bit of strength week to week. Each day learning better techniques, trying to put a little bit more on the bar, keeping that good form, and you’ll start building that foundation of what we need to. Then in the warmer months, if you want to really shred quickly, you’ve got more muscle to play with. And you can celebrate those warmer months, but do the hard work now in the cold ones.

All right that’s it for me. I had a big video yesterday. This one’s simple. Just focus on today, don’t think about anything else. Literally today. Nail the food. Nail the training. Nail the water. Get enough sleep. Obviously don’t drink booze. It’s a Monday anyway. Have a great day!