Week 4

Happy Monday. Welcome to week four!

Okay we’re past the halfway mark now. It’s not time to slow down. Now’s not time to start taking it easy. It’s actually quite the opposite. You really want to ramp it up by now. You’re used to the training, your food’s going pretty well, you’re in the in the swing of things. You want to ramp up that training okay. Train harder. See if you can fit an extra session here and there. Really start to test yourself out now okay. We’re past halfway mark. It’s time to bring it home.

On top of that, with our training, our meal plan pretty much sorted and locked in, let’s step up our mental game okay. Start to assess your life and see where you’re cutting corners. Remember that video on how I do anything is how I do everything. Really important to see life like that and go you know what, am I cutting corners at work and it’s showing up in the gym or vice versa. Cutting corners at the gym and show up at work or in my relationships. Start to see where you can test yourself and hold yourself to a higher standard. All these things have an accumulative effect. If you start holding yourself to a higher standard in the gym, you may do the same at work. With massive rewards there, or in your relationship, and showing up in a better way there. So let’s step up our mental game this week okay. The rest of it’s kind of running as course. Now we know the results are coming, but let’s step up in here. If we can do that, the mental shift, with just as big as the physical okay.

That’s it for me guys. Pass half way. Let’s bring this baby home!